Money Catch Business Rude Woman Called Us | Lost Money Detectives

Moneycatch made contact with us relating to money that they said was unclaimed and which they said they can help us retrieve.

My wife and I decided to call them to suss it out because their correspondence was totally out of the blue and we had no recollection of losing the sum of money they were indicating. It seemed highly suspect and we weren’t sure what to make of it. When I rang  Money Catch, the person answering the call didn’t like my line of questioning, she was the owner of the business. A very rude woman, terrible attitude. She talked me down, and when I questioned their practices she seemed hostile and raised her voice at me insulting me before hanging the phone on me. I can’t think how this so-called business exists. I do believe everything said about them on the different forums. They are the worst.

Below are the other sources about Money Catch


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